Tek-Tronics Printed Circuit Boards
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Capable People, Processes, and Technology
We provide high quality printed circuit boards having as many as 12 layers. Tek-Tronics provides high quality product with lower costs, resulting in extremely competitive prices. Give us a try with your next quote. You'll be glad you did.

Tek-tronics is a team of friendly and knowledgeble people commited to mutually successful relationships with customers. We pride ourselves on delivering quality printed circuit boards.

Parameter Capabilities
Minimum conductor width 0.004"
Minimum conductor spacings 0.004"
Minimum hole size (plated) 0.010"
Maximum hole size unlimited
Board aspect ratio 6:1
Maximum number of layers 12
Maximum outer layer Cu. foil thickness 3 oz.
Maximum inner layer Cu. foil thickness 2 oz.

Metal Finishes
Tin/Lead (hot air level)
Hard Gold over Nickel
Electroless Nickel/Gold
Immersion White Tin

Soldermask Finishes
Liquid Photo Imageable
UV Cure
Thermal Cure

Epoxy Thermal Cured

FR-4, G10
CEM 1-3